3 Months

How old:
3 months, No longer a new born! :)

14lbs 7oz

New Discovery:
He figured out how to suck his thumb, though he doesn't do it very often.
He is also learning how to grab his toys and put them in his mouth :)

What he loves:
  Going for walks in the stroller, we have had a few nice enough days to do that.
His bouncy chair.
When I sing to him, and sometimes he even try's to sing along :)
Night Sleep:
Still wakes up about every 3-4hr at night. 
Still waiting for that full night sleep..someday it will come...or maybe not who knows :)


  1. Very cute little guy. I love his serious expression haha. I can't believe 3 months already!

  2. He is soooocute, your very blessed!

  3. Such a handsome little boy!