Once Upon A Time..

Once upon a time, in a land far away where winter never seems to end lives a sweet little family of 3.
There was the Dad, the Mom and the baby.

One day the Mom went out for a pedicure with her friend, the dad was so sweet and offered to stay home with the baby.

What's that I hear said the dad

It was the baby, after awhile of the mom being 
gone the baby decided that he was hungry and would like to eat.

So the Dad got busy making a bottle...

Now this was the Dad's first time making a bottle since the mom usually nurses the baby. 
He stuck it in the microwave and after a few seconds he remembered he had left the nipple on, so he rushed to the microwave to take it off but before he could get there the microwave door blew open and he found this... 

 Oops said the dad

He texted the Mom, she laughed. 
The Dad found another bottle, the baby got fed 
and they all lived happily ever after...except for the bottle that is :)