Bye Bye Braces

After 3 years I said goodbye to my braces yesterday, my teeth feel so smooth I can't stop running my tongue along them! :) I am loving the results!

Here are some before and afters:

Now excuse me well I go smile at myself in the mirror some more ;)


  1. So exciting! I got mine off in December after just over 3 years - sure feels different at first!

  2. It IS the best feeling EVER!! I remember when I got mine off, I was working at A&W and one of our regular customers came in for coffee. I asked him if he noticed anything different? He said, did ya cut yer hair? And the guy behind him, who DIDN"T know me, said "I'll bet she just got her braces off with that big smile she's flashing you!" LOL AND he was right!!

  3. Doesn't it feel amazing!! I had to get mine back on about a year ago - when they came off I felt like all of the sudden I had all this extra room in my mouth! :) Now...just make sure to wear your retainer!

  4. That is definitely a great change, Megan! I love your new smile. It's really a great investment for you having to suffer for several years not being able to eat that much and them hurting, but it’s definitely worth it. Congratulations! Stay pretty! :D
    Bruna Bott @ Dr. Martin Leon & Associates

  5. Congratulations! Finally getting your braces off would certainly be a great feeling. Aside from the sense of accomplishment, finally being able to do things normally is something to be happy about! You won't be bothered anymore by braces and retainers while eating. You'd also have that perfect smile you've always dreamed about. Take care!

    Kenny Green @ Anchorage Healthy Smile Center