One Month

My dear sweet one, one month today. How did it happen so fast? I have enjoyed every minute of being your mommy for the last month. Even though there has been tough days, days of little sleep, grumpy times. There have been way more fun times, times where I just stare at you wondering how you got so cute! :) Your daddy and I have so very much fun with you! Last night your daddy said "You do so little, and yet you are so much fun!" It is true! You make the cuties faces, even your cry is adorable! :) We love you so much Silas! Don't grow up to fast ok?

I did a quick little shoot with you this morning..

I love your little toes, Yesterday I keept your socks off so I could play with them :)

And your little hands...

And belly button :) 

Double Chin..<3

See, Cutest faces ever!!

Yep yep...cute...

I love you to the moon and back #timesabillion


  1. SOOOOO Cute!!! He's a perfect mix of both you. I can't believe that it's been one month already!! Love you too Silas!!

  2. Sweet squishy Si. Love, love, LOVE these pics!!
    <3 Jenny