Baby Shower #2

 A few Sundays ago we were blessed with our second baby shower put on by a bunch of the church lady's. But this shower wasn't just for Silas, he got to share it with two others :) Us three lady's had all been praying for baby's...We all found out we were pregnant around the same time and not only that we all had the exact same due date! I love the way God works! :) Jenn and Mary had there baby's a week early and Silas decided to be 2 weeks late :)

All the lady's pitched in and gave us each a basket full of goodies.




 Silas talking with his Grandma :)


 Cute decorations

We played a game where we were blindfolded and Had to feel all the baby's feet and try to figure out which feet were our baby's and surprisingly we all guessed right!! 

 Silas loves his cousin Natalie :)

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  1. That sweater plus Silas equals UBER cuteness!!
    Love you!