Baby shower #1

Last Sunday Silas got showered with many wonderful gifts. Henry's sister Linda and my mom got together and put on a baby shower for us. I felt super blessed by all the gifts we received.

He slept through his whole baby shower :)

 Mom and Silas

Brooke and Cheryl playing one of the games

Trying to figure out what is in the bag by feeling what is in there..

Yummy food!

Grandma Rowely & Silas

Sweet Aliyah :)

Grandma Pauls & Silas

Grandma Peters & Silas

Rebecca, Rita and I

Thanks to my dear sweet sis Joanna for taking all the pictures!

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  1. How fun! It feels to nice to see everyone else's excitement over your baby. I've never heard of a baby shower after the birth. Probably a neat idea, especially when you don't know the gender