Christmas 2013

My dear little sis Kerri told me yesterday that I need to blog more often, I think she expects to much out of me....hehe :) So I thought I had better put up a post today cause I wouldn't want to make her mad :) And since I haven't posted about Christmas yet I thought why not!! :) Christmas was only a month away so I am still okay to post about it right??

We weren't sure how Christmas was going to play out this year, we thought maybe we would have a brand new baby for Christmas but nope, he decided to wait a little longer before he made his appearance ;) Our first gathering was at Grandma and Grandpa Pauls'. She made a delicious supper for all of us, we played some games and visited ...good memories were made :)

Josh and Grandpa Visiting

Mikaya taking a close look at her Christmas gift :)

Sweet Maykayla

Playing with her new toy

Grandpa got zoomies from Grandma for Christmas, everybody had fun trying them out! :)

Story time!

This is Josh, he is my big brother :)

Makayla and Josh

Gramps and Jesse making the stuffing

And that is the end of that day.

Gathering #2 was at my familes place with my Grandma and Grandpa Rowely and Uncle Travis.
We arrived on the afternoon of the 24th and stayed overnight till the eve of the 25th. Much fun was had by all...

We sang Christmas Carols together

We played a game were we were not able to say the words Candy Cane, Christmas and Hope. We were each given a paper candy cane to pin on to our shirt and if somebody caught you saying one of those words then they got to take your candy cane (or candy canes if you had more then one) away from you, and the person with the most candy canes by the end of the gathering won. And not to boast or anything I was the winner!!! :) And there was no cheating (right dad?? :)

Brooke was trying to get people to say candy cane, she thought maybe if she taped the word to her mouth she would trick people into saying it :)

Dad, Elijah and Andy

Henry got a new mug! :)

We played some games together...

More story time :)

Fondue - It's Tradition! :)

I love these three adorable kiddo's! :)

Rebecca and Brenden

More games

and that is the end of that gathering... ;)

And last but not least the Froese Gathering on the 26th, Gathering #3.
We gathered together at Henry's parents for lunch, opened gifts and then headed to a nearby hotel to swim and then back to the house for some more food and games :)

I love her smile!

Getting lots of attention for her auntie and uncle, that is what happens when you are so cute! :)

Gift time!
Josh and his new lego

Sweet logan, wonder what he got!

Debbie and her new doll

Yeah, Mom got some yummy smelling stuff! :)

Linda and Aliyah

Smiles with Auntie Joanna :)

And there you have it (that was for you kerri :)
 Christmas 2013 was wonderful...The End :)

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