Silas Birth story

You know when you have in your mind of how something is going to go and then it happens it turns out completely the opposite of what you had expected? Well that is pretty much how Silas birth went. My "plan" was to go as natural as possible, but that didn't exactly happen :)
So here is my attempt at telling his birth story... 

First off I have to say I am so thankful for my Husband. He was amazing support through this whole process and I couldn't have done it without him!!

I guess it all started on Monday January 6th - that evening is when I had my first real contractions. They were strong enough and close enough together that they kept me up pretty much all that night,  I thought for sure this baby would be coming soon! But little did I know that it would be a few days till he did come...

 The next day January 7th the contractions lessened during the day, I should have slept but in my mind I needed to be as active as possible to hurry along this labor because once night came they became stronger keeping me up at night again, so two days of pretty much no sleep...
I remember at this point thinking, when this baby comes and I only get 2 of 3 hrs of sleep at night I will just have to think back to this moment and I will be so thankful for those hours of sleep :)

January 8th came and went...still barley any sleep contractions still there.
My dad had told me a week or two before this that I should really have the baby on this day because it was his birthday, and also my little brother Josiah's birthday. I told him he was crazy and I didn't want to have to wait that long to have the baby....little did I know I would have been very thankful to have him on this day :) 

January 9th- my contractions were about 4 mins apart lasting 60 seconds so we called the midwives to come around 4 pm and check on me, I was 4 cm dilated. They came and checked me again 2:00 am January 10th, contractions were still 4 mins apart and getting more intense but I hadn't dilated any more. I only got about 1hr of sleep that night so you can imagine how tired I was!
We went into the hospital in the morning for a non stress test and baby sounded great!  Contractions slowed down a bit but still not enough for me to sleep, we talked it over with the midwives and decided it would be a good idea to go to the hospital to get a shot of morphine so that I could get some sleep so that I would have a little bit of energy to push this baby out because I was completely exhausted ! So at 3pm I got my first shot and was able to sleep till around 8pm and let me tell ya that sleep felt wonderful!! :) By now the contractions had slowed down a bit still 4cm dilated.

January 11th @ 3am they checked me again and I had not progressed at all so I got some more morphine and was able to sleep another 2 1/2hrs.
10 am the midwives consulted the dr. And they decided to break my water to try to get things moving along at this point I was 6-7 cm dilated and contractions were 7-8 mins apart.
12:40am contractions getting closer and stronger 8-9cm. 3pm no change contractions now every 2-3 mins. 4pm still 9cm but contractions now every 2mins apart. I remember watching the clock and wondering if this was ever going to end, I was getting really tired and having terrible back labor I didn't know how much longer I could handle it. 6pm one of the nurses (I was so thankful for her!) suggested I try sterile water injections for the back labor, I was ready to try anything to get a bit of relief and it was instant relief for about an hr and then it started to come back so I asked for another injection. I was able to smile a bit after that :)

7:30pm they checked me again and still no more progress so the midwives consulted with dr again and decided to start me on oxytocin to try to get things moving, which meant that I would have to be strapped to the monitors and IV and stuck in bed, up to that point I had been in the birthing pool and on the birthing ball. At this point I was so tired and so done I asked for an epidural.
I got the epidural at 8:30pm and was so glad I did cause by now the contractions were very strong every 2 mins and I ended up needing an epidural anyway at the end. They checked me again and I was still 9cm. At 11pm we were noticing some dips in the baby's heartbeat so at that point we started talking about c-section, it wasn't the route I had hoped for or expected to go but after being 9 cm for about 12 hrs we knew something wasn't right, the midwives were pretty sure he was in the transverse position which we found out to be true after the c-cection which is why I would not dilate the last cementer.
So after talking things over with the dr. and midwives we decided that we had better go in for a c-section, it was the weirdest feeling being wheeled into the operating room knowing that in a few mins we would meet our baby. As I was lying there on operating table a flood of emotions came over me, it took everything in me not to start bawling :)

I remember being super excited and at the same time scared to death, I had a very hard time keeping my eyes open because I was so tired and it was super bright in there! :)
 And then that moment we had been waiting for for 9 month, I heard his sweet little cry for the first time, at 12:36 am on January 12th Silas Uriah was born!! Finally!! :)
 They took him to be cleaned off and I waited what seemed to be an eternity to see him.

This picture will always mean alot to me, as I was lying there waiting to be able to see him Henry was sitting beside me and he took this picture for me so I could see him :) My first thought was WHOH HE IS HUGE!!!

 And then one of the best moments of my life, meeting my little man for the first time. Wow! What an amazing feeling! 

What an amazing experience, not one that I will ever forget! Though it definitely wasn't "fun" to go through the end result made it more then worth it!! Silas is so perfect :)


2 weeks

Silas went to church for the first time yesterday and before we left I quickly snapped a few photo's of him. He wasn't to happy about the idea so I just took the opportunity to captured the grumpy faces of Silas because I think they are pretty cute :)



Christmas 2013

My dear little sis Kerri told me yesterday that I need to blog more often, I think she expects to much out of me....hehe :) So I thought I had better put up a post today cause I wouldn't want to make her mad :) And since I haven't posted about Christmas yet I thought why not!! :) Christmas was only a month away so I am still okay to post about it right??

We weren't sure how Christmas was going to play out this year, we thought maybe we would have a brand new baby for Christmas but nope, he decided to wait a little longer before he made his appearance ;) Our first gathering was at Grandma and Grandpa Pauls'. She made a delicious supper for all of us, we played some games and visited ...good memories were made :)

Josh and Grandpa Visiting

Mikaya taking a close look at her Christmas gift :)

Sweet Maykayla

Playing with her new toy

Grandpa got zoomies from Grandma for Christmas, everybody had fun trying them out! :)

Story time!

This is Josh, he is my big brother :)

Makayla and Josh

Gramps and Jesse making the stuffing

And that is the end of that day.

Gathering #2 was at my familes place with my Grandma and Grandpa Rowely and Uncle Travis.
We arrived on the afternoon of the 24th and stayed overnight till the eve of the 25th. Much fun was had by all...

We sang Christmas Carols together

We played a game were we were not able to say the words Candy Cane, Christmas and Hope. We were each given a paper candy cane to pin on to our shirt and if somebody caught you saying one of those words then they got to take your candy cane (or candy canes if you had more then one) away from you, and the person with the most candy canes by the end of the gathering won. And not to boast or anything I was the winner!!! :) And there was no cheating (right dad?? :)

Brooke was trying to get people to say candy cane, she thought maybe if she taped the word to her mouth she would trick people into saying it :)

Dad, Elijah and Andy

Henry got a new mug! :)

We played some games together...

More story time :)

Fondue - It's Tradition! :)

I love these three adorable kiddo's! :)

Rebecca and Brenden

More games

and that is the end of that gathering... ;)

And last but not least the Froese Gathering on the 26th, Gathering #3.
We gathered together at Henry's parents for lunch, opened gifts and then headed to a nearby hotel to swim and then back to the house for some more food and games :)

I love her smile!

Getting lots of attention for her auntie and uncle, that is what happens when you are so cute! :)

Gift time!
Josh and his new lego

Sweet logan, wonder what he got!

Debbie and her new doll

Yeah, Mom got some yummy smelling stuff! :)

Linda and Aliyah

Smiles with Auntie Joanna :)

And there you have it (that was for you kerri :)
 Christmas 2013 was wonderful...The End :)