Today Is a Good Day.

Hello! It has been awhile!!

With the computer being in the repair shop, photoshoots, editing, getting ready for baby, babysitting, dentist appt, midwife appt, don't leave much room for blogging....or I could just say I have been lazy but nah I will go with all the excuses ;)  So you know what happens when I haven't blogged for awhile? You get to read a bunch of randomness :) So here goes!!


 The month of December is upon us! Hard to believe in a few weeks our little one will make his/her grand entrance into this world! On Saturday Henry and I went to the city to get the few last things we needed before baby comes, I am now feeling pretty ready and I would be okay if this baby would come any day now :)

37 weeks. I feel like I get a little rounder everyday, things like sleeping, getting up and bending over are becoming more of a challenge which means baby is getting bigger, which is a good thing so I am okay with it! :) Baby's movements are crazy! I love watching and feeling him/her move around, it's so amazing!

Last night Henry and I were talking and I mentioned how amazing it feels to be at the point where I can give birth and the baby is considered full term. After the miscarrages it felt like this would be a dream that might never come true, but here we are!! Every single moment with this baby is a huge huge blessing and I can't tell you how super thankful for such an amazing healthy pregnancy,
everything has been going so smoothly and I am super excited to meet this little one!

So what else have I been up to other then going to the bathroom every 5 mins?? :) (okay maybe it is not that bad but sometimes it feels that way!! :)

I challenged myself to go through the bible in 30 days, I started on Nov 4th and finished on Tuesday! It was hard at times to read 40 chapters in a day but it was really neat to read through the whole bible in such a short amount of time. I am so thankful for the word of God and the freedom to read it whenever I want!  

Snow is falling, lots of it and the colder weather has settled in.
I am thankful for a nice warm house to live in that's for sure!!! :)
Maybe I will go out someday soon and take some pictures of the snow, but...who wants to go out in the cold when you can be nice and warm inside?? :) Right now it is -35 C (-30 F) windchill, yep I think I will just stay inside :)

This chocolate is amazing folks!! Just saying... :) 

 “With every God-given sunrise, we have a new dawn and a new beginning. This is a tremendous blessing if we take advantage of it. Even better, each moment is a fresh start, a new mental sunrise. If we seize the opportunity, we can select better thoughts and when we do, we will create a better tomorrow. -The 4:8 Principle


  1. You and that baby of yours are ADORABLE.
    I love this post :)
    <3 Jenny

  2. Well, I thought maybe your blog break was because you were giving birth already......praise God for how far you've come. Praying for a safe delivery