Snowy Afternoon...

 I was sitting at the computer working on putting my recipes on our new mini ipad Henry got from his work banquet (um, ya pretty cool! :) as I turned and looked out the window I saw snow gently falling to the ground, it was a beautiful sight to behold!
There is something about watching snow fall from the sky that warms my heart, 
it is so peaceful and beautiful.
I sat there for awhile just watching it fall and then grabbed 
my camera and decided today was a good day to take some snow pictures for ya'll to see :) 

At first I tryed taking some through the window (I know I know how could i??)
but then I hopped into the truck and headed out 
to do some serious snow picture taking, of course 
it didn't last long (for it is chilly out there!), 
I drove around got out of the truck twice quickly 
snapped some pictures and then ran back in to warm up. 

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  1. Ah, sooo pretty! You got some gorgeous photos here, Megan. :D