Happy Birthday Henry!

 Today 31 years ago this world became a better place. For a Henry (my Henry) was born!! :) 
Henry is such an amazing person, he can put a smile on my face quicker then anybody else. I love this guy to bits and pieces!


He has a heart to serve God.
He makes a dull moment fun, you never know what is gonna happen when you are with Henry! :)  

He is the most amazing husband, he let's me cry on his shoulder, he holds me tight when I need him, He makes me laugh, he has my heart.
I feel so extremely blessed to be his girl.

He's a hard working guy, always willing to help wherever needed.

He doesn't like chicken, but that's okay I still love him :) 

 He is aka Lance, Peggy loves Lance :)

Happy Birthday dearest Husband of mine!

I love you more then words could say.

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  1. Happy Birthday! Maybe you will get a baby on your birthday? You have the best girl ever (=