40 weeks | Baby update

Hello Baby,
Well here we are 40 weeks. It's the day we have been counting down to and now the real waiting game has started :) Your daddy keeps telling you to come out now but I think that you know it is cold outside and who would want to come out of a nice warm belly into the cold?!? :) But really we want to meet you so please come soon!  We put your car seat in the car and I have our bags packed and ready to go so whenever you are ready, we are ready for you :) I keep having to remind myself that you can't stay in there forever, the day will come and when it does it will be in Gods perfect timing! It is kinda fun waking up every morning knowing today could be the day that we get to see that cute little face of yours.

I can't wait to show you off to the world, all your auntie and uncles and grandma and grampa's are really excited to meet you! I already said to your daddy that I feel sorry for all the people who are friends with us on FB, instagram and follow this blog cause your pictures are gonna be plastered all over them! :) I know I will not be able to help myself!!! :)
I love you and get so excited each time I think about meeting you :)
Love, Mommy


  1. Can't wait to meet you sweet little one! Love Grama P.

  2. How exciting! The time went by fast! My midwife told me that first-time babies on average come naturally at 41.5 weeks, so don't worry if your little one takes his/her time:)

  3. Iv'e been thinking of you all day long, and will keep both of you in our thoughts and prayers. I woke up this morning and grabbed my phone right away, but, no msg from you. :) Keep on having patience Megan, the time will come and the waiting will be more than worth it!
    Oh and I'm really waiting too! :)

  4. Hello,
    we are letting you know we are praying for you, Henry, baby! :)
    Were getting excited for you all!
    A Happy Birthday to Henry...Mr. M said January 1st is a great day to have your sweet baby....guess who has a birthday... Yes, he is a New Years baby! I know that you have one in your family also.
    Praying for you Megan!
    blessings~ Mrs.M for our family