Goodbye 2013

Another year has come to a close, as I look back I am forever thankful for the year 2013. I am excited to see what 2014 has in store!
Here is a little 2013 year review I quickly put together, I know I missed alot of highlights but if I were to try to write them all down this would be an extremely long post!! So I just picked out a few from each month :) 

Apparently I didn't take very many pictures in January :)
We went sledding with some friends. How's that for a month in review? :)

We Helped my family host a valentines banquet at our church. / Got new Camera / Had the honor of attending my friends wedding.


We had our 1 year Anniversary! / Built a fort/ Made donuts with my sisters and Mom.

Bowling with siblings / Girls day with the Froese Lady's / Positive pregnacy test.

Planted my Garden/ Re-shingling our roof / Sunday School reunion :)

Aliyah was born / Announced our pregnancy to the world. / Camping with Josh and Rebecca and there sweet little family

Tea Party/ Church Camping / Fun photo-shoots / Found our next vehicle to buy ;)


Car seat shopping / First ultrasound / Sunsets / Fun times with my man :)

 Love :) / First time flying for both of us / Cool light pictures

Henry started a new job / I turned 20! :) / New siding / Maternity Pictures

Shopping finding messed up signs...Melcome? / I love Henry

Snow / More pictures coming soon of from December! 


Happy Birthday Henry!

 Today 31 years ago this world became a better place. For a Henry (my Henry) was born!! :) 
Henry is such an amazing person, he can put a smile on my face quicker then anybody else. I love this guy to bits and pieces!


He has a heart to serve God.
He makes a dull moment fun, you never know what is gonna happen when you are with Henry! :)  

He is the most amazing husband, he let's me cry on his shoulder, he holds me tight when I need him, He makes me laugh, he has my heart.
I feel so extremely blessed to be his girl.

He's a hard working guy, always willing to help wherever needed.

He doesn't like chicken, but that's okay I still love him :) 

 He is aka Lance, Peggy loves Lance :)

Happy Birthday dearest Husband of mine!

I love you more then words could say.


40 weeks | Baby update

Hello Baby,
Well here we are 40 weeks. It's the day we have been counting down to and now the real waiting game has started :) Your daddy keeps telling you to come out now but I think that you know it is cold outside and who would want to come out of a nice warm belly into the cold?!? :) But really we want to meet you so please come soon!  We put your car seat in the car and I have our bags packed and ready to go so whenever you are ready, we are ready for you :) I keep having to remind myself that you can't stay in there forever, the day will come and when it does it will be in Gods perfect timing! It is kinda fun waking up every morning knowing today could be the day that we get to see that cute little face of yours.

I can't wait to show you off to the world, all your auntie and uncles and grandma and grampa's are really excited to meet you! I already said to your daddy that I feel sorry for all the people who are friends with us on FB, instagram and follow this blog cause your pictures are gonna be plastered all over them! :) I know I will not be able to help myself!!! :)
I love you and get so excited each time I think about meeting you :)
Love, Mommy


Merry Christmas!

As you can tell by our faces we have been having so much fun with family gathers that sleep has not been big on our to do list :)

Merry Christmas from the Crazy Frazy's :)


Lighthouse Year End Banquet

Well it's that time of year again, Christmas gathering and banquets... it is a wonderful time! :) 
On Sunday we had our annual year end church banquet. 



These lady's did a fantastic job preparing and serving the food.  

Henry and Pastor T. were in charge of getting everybody seated and MCing.

Can you tell they are brothers?? :)

It was a wonderful evening filled with lots of laughter and fun!



Precious brother and sisterly love :)


Amber read all the kids a Christmas story

My handsome MC ;)

Game time! 
First game was two teams had to stack nuts one at a time using a candy cane, first team to get them all stacked first won!

Oops, looks like she knocked them down...

Next game was to move Christmas balls using a box to fan them across the finish line...

Snowman time! Using the toilet paper provided and the other items had to be found in the room by the team. Who could make the best snowman in the time they had...

Sweet cousin moment :)

Snowman #1

Snowman #2

Musical chairs scavenger hunt. 
Run outside and get a snowball...
Grab someone's glasses...
Get ready...
Go find a boy between the ages of 5-8...
And marge was the winner! She found the last item which was $60 :) 

Last game, without using your hands get the Oreo from your forehead to your mouth...


I think Maria won for best facial expressions :)

Allie was the winner!!

Proud big sister moment for me, my younger siblings sang "My Gift is Me" they did such a great job!!

My beautiful sis-in-love sang "You're Here" this gal has an amazing voice and I always am excited when she shares a song. 

All good things have to come to an end. Many memories were made and looking forward to next year to make more! 

Pastor T closeing the evening.

Henry captured this last moment of the night. It's my dad. He is vacuuming :)

Once again I am reminded of what an amazing church family we have. God has been so good to us this year and I am excited to see what next year holds in store for us!!