Come on a little walk with me..

Every once in awhile (usually when I notice my camera has been sitting in it's bag way to long) I grab my camera, head outside for a walk and I stop at random things and take pictures of them.
So come along and join my on my walk... :)


I figured this would be a cool spot for pictures ....if only I had another human with me! :) (yes the thought did cross my mind to try to take a selfy but I figured it would be more work then it would be worth! :)

I do I do!! :)

I found this cool big M, and again I was tempted to try to get a selfy cause well M stands for MEGAN! :) But considering the fact that it was behind a school, and there was construction workers near by I decided not to embarrass myself and continued to walk by :) 

I hope you enjoyed our little walk together :)


  1. That is a really cool M! It reminds me of your hockey jersey, remember? :) Nice pictures Megan, I have a 6 month old that wouldn't mind a photo shoot if ever your camera is getting bored! :)

  2. Love these pictures! So pretty and whimsical! =)

  3. Love every picture Megs!
    You have NO idea how many times I missed you on this trip.
    I would often be heard saying "Meg would LOVE taking pictures of this" or "This would be Megan's picture taking paradise!"
    Miss you, love you... see you soon!

  4. I want to go on a walk with you! Great Pictures Megan, what an eye you have for the perfect spot(=

    Love you,