No More Yellow and Blue...

 These last couple of days have been a wee little bit crazy! But a good kinda crazy, a crazy where you can look back and feel good about all that got done. 

It all started one day last week ( I will blame it on my pregnancy brain that I can't remember what day it was :), the first piece of siding was taken off followed by many more! :) 

My Hard working man, he would work all day at his job then come home sit down and eat and then back up again to work on the house till late, I do love him alot :)

Saturday came and so did a bunch of wonderful helping hands! We were super blessed to have a bunch of my family come and help us. 

Dad, Mom and Jesse worked all day on our big front window. 
Getting the old one out and putting in the new one. 



Jen, Josh, Caleb and Henry worked on the siding. 
They got all the siding off and a bunch of the insulation on that day.

Monday rolled around  and so did a new front door or wait, was that on Tuesday?? Well one of those days :) And not only a new door but also some more helping hands. Tony, Joanna, Noah and Natalie came and helped (thanks guys!! )

So if getting new siding put on wasn't enough, we also got our yard cleaned up! Jesse, Noah and Natalie were so sweet to rake up some of our yard on Monday! :)

And then yesterday these 3 boys and I got the rest of the yard raked up, garden cleaned out, branches and leaves brought away, all the garbage from the reno's brought away and the garage cleaned out!! They were amazing help!! 

But back to the house now...

This was excitement all the way around, seeing the new siding being put on! 

Josh and Jesse measuring and cutting the siding... 

A perfect fit! 


On Tuesday Brooke came along to be my buddy for the day, we had such fun! We went and got some grocery's so we could feed the crew, made lunch and supper together, did some cleaning, helped put some siding up. We had some good ol' sisterly fun! :)

Jesse came and helped everyday that they were here, he was a great help!!

My sweet dear mother

 Last night after about 4 full days of hard work it was complete, I can't tell you how thankful I am for all the hard workers and the time the sacrificed to help us out!

And now what you have all been waiting for! The before and afters.

The back of the house before:

And after:

 The front of the house before:

And after!

We fell so blessed to have all the help we did!
We defiantly love the result, no more yellow and blue yippy! :) 

And that my dear friends is what has been keeping us busy these last couple of days!


  1. Looks great! So neat that your whole family helped out! Funny looking at all of your winter coats and hats. I am sitting here in shorts. :o)

  2. Looks awesome! Do you guys live in a town?! :)

  3. What a wonderful, helpful family!

  4. Nice! Glad everyone got to pitch in. The end result is beautiful.

  5. I love the new look! And to think that it took the whole family finish this project. It’s really cool! And you didn’t fail to choose the right color. Your house looked very neat!

    Sarai @EdmundsGeneralContracting.com

  6. The process of removing and installing the siding is indeed a challenging task. And I’m surprised that your husband worked on it by himself at first all night. Thankfully, your family came in to help, and that it was completed in 4 days' time. And judging from the result, all the efforts and sacrifices were indeed worth it.

    Geoff Hull @ CSS