Just One...

Just one photo. A photo that makes my heart so very happy.

(My amazing sweet dear sis-in-law Joanna did a maternity shoot for us last week, I am pretty much dying to see the rest of the photo's, she was so kind to send me a little sneak peek :) There will be more to come! )


No More Yellow and Blue...

 These last couple of days have been a wee little bit crazy! But a good kinda crazy, a crazy where you can look back and feel good about all that got done. 

It all started one day last week ( I will blame it on my pregnancy brain that I can't remember what day it was :), the first piece of siding was taken off followed by many more! :) 

My Hard working man, he would work all day at his job then come home sit down and eat and then back up again to work on the house till late, I do love him alot :)

Saturday came and so did a bunch of wonderful helping hands! We were super blessed to have a bunch of my family come and help us. 

Dad, Mom and Jesse worked all day on our big front window. 
Getting the old one out and putting in the new one. 



Jen, Josh, Caleb and Henry worked on the siding. 
They got all the siding off and a bunch of the insulation on that day.

Monday rolled around  and so did a new front door or wait, was that on Tuesday?? Well one of those days :) And not only a new door but also some more helping hands. Tony, Joanna, Noah and Natalie came and helped (thanks guys!! )

So if getting new siding put on wasn't enough, we also got our yard cleaned up! Jesse, Noah and Natalie were so sweet to rake up some of our yard on Monday! :)

And then yesterday these 3 boys and I got the rest of the yard raked up, garden cleaned out, branches and leaves brought away, all the garbage from the reno's brought away and the garage cleaned out!! They were amazing help!! 

But back to the house now...

This was excitement all the way around, seeing the new siding being put on! 

Josh and Jesse measuring and cutting the siding... 

A perfect fit! 


On Tuesday Brooke came along to be my buddy for the day, we had such fun! We went and got some grocery's so we could feed the crew, made lunch and supper together, did some cleaning, helped put some siding up. We had some good ol' sisterly fun! :)

Jesse came and helped everyday that they were here, he was a great help!!

My sweet dear mother

 Last night after about 4 full days of hard work it was complete, I can't tell you how thankful I am for all the hard workers and the time the sacrificed to help us out!

And now what you have all been waiting for! The before and afters.

The back of the house before:

And after:

 The front of the house before:

And after!

We fell so blessed to have all the help we did!
We defiantly love the result, no more yellow and blue yippy! :) 

And that my dear friends is what has been keeping us busy these last couple of days!


30 Weeks | Baby Update

10 more weeks to go, how did this happen?? to say I am not freaking out inside just a little bit would be a lie. 
This whole giving birth thing is no little deal, never mind becoming parents for the rest of our lives! :) 
But don't get me wrong I am beyond excited to welcome our sweet little babe into this world, just a wee little bit amazed at how quick this pregnancy is going by! I feel incredibly honored that God would pick us to be this little ones parents, I don't take that lightly! 

I think this past week I have been realizing how soon  December is going to be here, we have been very busy so time has been flying! With photo shoots, editing, daily life, and now we are trying to get our house re-sided before the snow fly's, except the snow has been flying a bit already, we woke up this morning to some white stuff on the ground.

I have been trying to imagine what life will be like when he/she is here. Lots of thinking..
I think of the sweet soft baby cheeks, the baby smiles. 
I think of all the poopy diapers, the sleepless nights and spit up. 
I think of all the pictures I am going to take (I kinda do feel sorry for our child already...having a mom as  a photographer must be tuff :). 
I think of the time it takes us to get ready and leave the house now and wonder how long it will take once we have a baby. 
I think of all the hours we will have at home alone when Henry is at work, it will be nice to have somebody to keep me company all day! :)
I wonder what he/she will look like, will he/she look more like me or like Henry or what color of eye's and hair he/she will have.

My pregnancy has been going really well! Even though I still am puking, get heartburn, headaches, have to go to the bathroom a million times a day and feel like a tired elephant (tired and big :) I consider it all a blessing because I know that there is a little babe growing inside of me and it makes it all worth it!   Every single day I wake up and feel the little kicks from him/her  I consider it a huge blessing God has been good to us! 

In some ways I feel so ready to have this baby already and in other ways I don't know if I will ever be "ready". 

All I know is that I am super duper excited :) 

10ish more weeks to go....


Thanksgiving 2013

My heart is full of thankfulness, It would take a very long time to write down all that I am thankful for because the Lord has been so good to us! When I think of all he has done for me I am just in awe of his love for me.

On Sunday we went to my family's for a thanksgiving feast. Which is a perfect way to spend thanksgiving, surrounded by people I am beyond thankful for! :)

Sweet Miss Kayla

These girls, I kinda love em alot :) 

Mom & Elijah

The lovely table decorations.

Smile! :) 

 Food! Yes, I am very thankful for food :)

Gramps serving himself up a delicious feast! 

Brendan had a cracker for his meal :) 

Andy waiting for his food..

Of course I had to take a picture of my food before I sat down to eat it, 
and trust me it was even yummier then it looks! :) 

After supper we wrote down the things we were thankful for. 
We started this tradition a few years ago. We give everybody a piece of paper and have them write down what they are thankful for and then put them together on a scrapbook paper. It is fun to be able to look back at previous years to see what we wrote.

The finished product (well one of the pages :)  from this year.
 And our second tradition that is quite new is to start with a blank piece of paper and one person starts drawing a picture and it get's handed around the table a couple times for people to add on to it. The end result is always quite intrusting/funny :)

Yesterday we went to my grandma and grandpa Pauls' for another yummy Thanksgiving meal, I was sick so there was now pictures taken this year :( 
Grandma made a delicious meal and we sat around and watched football, it was a good day :) 

Another thanksgiving has gone by, and I am thankful for all the memories that have been made :)