Dark Night + Cell Phone Light + Long Exposure =

 We were driving home from doing some grocery shopping last night, I said some night I want to experiment with long exposure. He said, What is stopping us let's do it tonight! 
So I grabbed my camera, tripod and off we went, I must say the results are pretty cool! :)

I also did some long exposure on the stars. 

What do you think? Pretty cool eh? :)


  1. These are super cool! Love em! I just realized thats its been to long since we've seen you guys, you have a baby bump, and it's so cute!! Miss you lots, we need to get together!!

  2. SOOO fun!!! The first and second pics are my FAV :)

  3. Oooh, neat! You got some great shots. And the stars look so pretty in that last photo. :D