27 Weeks | Baby Update

27 Weeks
Wow! Not much longer! Your daddy and I were shopping the other day and saw there was some Christmas stuff out already, this means that December can't be far away! I can't tell you how exciting these last few weeks have been, your kicking has become more and more and I still haven't gotten tired of feeling it :) Sometimes at night when your daddy and I are lying in bed we try to get you to give us a goodnight kick, we have a lot of fun with you already...just wait till we can actually hold you! :)

It's really hard for me to believe that I am almost in my third trimester, the final stretch...how could this be? I think the fact that I don't want winter to come is helping this all go by really fast, because usually if you don't want something to come fast it does..so I will just keep thinking that way so you will come faster :)

Some times when I walk by a mirror I get caught by surprise, my how big you have gotten..or I have gotten.... :) You are the size of a Cauliflower head and you weigh approx 2 lbs, yep your getting big! :)

Keep up your growing sweet baby, I can't wait till we get to meet you! :)

Love, Mommy

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