22 Weeks | Baby Update

 22  Weeks
Hello Sweet One,
 This week your existence has become more real then I could have imagined up till now I didn't really feel pregnant (other then the random puking :) but this week it has been hitting me that there is actually a human growing inside of me.
I have been starting to really feel you move around, your daddy even got to feel you kick! Every time I feel you move I can't help but smile :)

                     You are really in there, it's really happening!! :) 
 We also had our first ultrasound, we got to see you and you are oh so cute! :) I can't help but smile while I write this, mommy loves you so much already and can't believe that we are over half way to meeting you! I can't tell you how blessed I feel that God chose me to be your Mommy you are such and amazing precious gift! Keep up the good growing babe! 

Love, Mommy


  1. Sweet pictures!

  2. Awwwweeeeeee!!! It's my little niece/nephew!!! What a cutie!!

  3. You have one cute little baby in there!! Can't wait to meet her, she is going to make this auntie very proud!!
    And you look absolutly beautiful Megan!

  4. Cute mom and super cute baby!! :)