19 Weeks | Baby Update

19 weeks

Hello Sweet Baby,
We are almost half way there can you believe it??
Your daddy and I are having a lot of moments lately where we look at each other and are like "this is actually happening" WE are going to be holding you in a few months, kissing your soft baby cheeks..we can't wait! :) 

Today we are going to the city to do some shopping to get ready for you, we figured we better start doing that because before we know it you will be here! We have also been working on picking out colors for your room, it's been so much fun preparing for your arrival!

I have been feeling great, still no ice cream though but I have been surviving with substituting it with pop-corn :) 

I love reading to see how big you are and what you are doing. You are now the size of a mango! Keep up the good growing! :) 147 days to go..approx :)

Love you muchly <3


  1. How exciting! Thanks for the update

  2. You and your little baby bump are so. stinkin'. cute!!!