On the road side

 Last night Henry and I were driving around just for fun (cause we do that sometimes :) I had brought my camera "just in case".  And then I saw it, a big fluffy white thingy that was calling for me to take a picture of it! So my ever so dear sweet husband was kind enough to pull over so I could capture it. He really is the bestest ever! :)

And then he pulled over for me once again cause who wouldn't want to take a picture of this lovely sunset??

God's beauty never ceases to amaze me, I am so thankful for his creation that he created for us to enjoy! 


22 Weeks | Baby Update

 22  Weeks
Hello Sweet One,
 This week your existence has become more real then I could have imagined up till now I didn't really feel pregnant (other then the random puking :) but this week it has been hitting me that there is actually a human growing inside of me.
I have been starting to really feel you move around, your daddy even got to feel you kick! Every time I feel you move I can't help but smile :)

                     You are really in there, it's really happening!! :) 
 We also had our first ultrasound, we got to see you and you are oh so cute! :) I can't help but smile while I write this, mommy loves you so much already and can't believe that we are over half way to meeting you! I can't tell you how blessed I feel that God chose me to be your Mommy you are such and amazing precious gift! Keep up the good growing babe! 

Love, Mommy



A little bit of this and that.

It's hard to believe it is the beginning of August already! Before we know it it is going to be September, October, then November, and then December (nothing big happening in that month oh, cept WE WILL BE HAVING A BABY!!! :)

Only 4 months approx till little baby Froese will arrive it's crazy how fast it has been going! Half way done, how could this be?? I have been trying to enjoy every single day that goes by because I know that life will never be the same when this little one comes, we will be parents for the rest of our lives...that's a big responsibility! :) 

20 Weeks

We went car seat shopping the other week-end and made a purchase, something about buying a car seat that made this whole baby thing seem really real! We now have pretty much all the big necessity's now to wait to put them all to use! :)

We are pretty excited :) 

We had a little break in summer, it got cool and rainy but the warm weather is back (YIPPY! :) our summer has been busy, but a good busy, a fun busy :) My garden is growing and not only is it growing it is actually producing fruit! I am super excited cause I had planted a garden last year but I didn't really get anything out of it, but this year I have been getting fresh veggie's yum!

Last week-end was the Harvest Festival and our church put on the Taco In A Bag booth for a fundriser, they have been putting it on for 4 years now, this was the second year I have helped out. 
It was a pure success, many taco's were sold and..well that's a good thing! :)

Tanya and I, she took the people's moneys and I made them taco's... :)

I will leave you with one last pic, My ADORABLE niece Aliyah growing up so fast!!

That's bout' all I have to say for today! Hope you are having a fantastic summer!!


19 Weeks | Baby Update

19 weeks

Hello Sweet Baby,
We are almost half way there can you believe it??
Your daddy and I are having a lot of moments lately where we look at each other and are like "this is actually happening" WE are going to be holding you in a few months, kissing your soft baby cheeks..we can't wait! :) 

Today we are going to the city to do some shopping to get ready for you, we figured we better start doing that because before we know it you will be here! We have also been working on picking out colors for your room, it's been so much fun preparing for your arrival!

I have been feeling great, still no ice cream though but I have been surviving with substituting it with pop-corn :) 

I love reading to see how big you are and what you are doing. You are now the size of a mango! Keep up the good growing! :) 147 days to go..approx :)

Love you muchly <3