Rowely Gathering.

A few weeks ago we headed out to my grandparents place for a last visit with my Aunt ,Uncle and 2 cousins before they headed back to Vietnam. We spend the evening outside eating, visiting, and playing ultimate freebee. Much fun was had by all :)

Caleb and Andy chatting.

Yummy Food! 

I love this man ALOT!! 

We celebrated Auntie Laura and Grandpa's birthday as well.

My cousin Elyana, she is growing up so fast! 

Joyful Jaden :) 

I love these to lady's alot! They are both amazing examples to me. 

Grandma was trying to be taller then Mom, but mom wouldn't have it! :) 

Mom was feeling a little short I guess, 
she wasn't to happy when she found out I was taller then her, and Caleb don't have far to go before he is taller then her...

But thankfully she found somebody who was much shorter then her ;) 

And let the game of ultimate freebee begin! 

Oh wait, first smile for the camera..

And smell the flowers...

Okay, now we can start! 

Who is gonna get it???

Uh Oh I think Henry is in trouble :) 

Smiles from Jesse

And Jen :) 

Grandma wasn't quite sure what to do, 
she manged to catch the Frisbee a few times and did great! :) 

Watch out Henry :) 

Ah, good times :) 


  1. You guys seem to have such fun family gatherings! That pile of watermelon looks soooo yummy and all the pictures are wonderful, as always. :)