Now I know what you may be thinking " She is not really gonna do a whole post on popcorn is she?" Well yes, yes I am.
If  you know me well then you would probably understand why I would be doing a whole post on popcorn. Me and popcorn really like eachother,well I am not sure popcorn likes me but I really like popcorn :)  

(taken 2011)

Popcorn is one of my most favorite snack foods.
and I probably shouldn't tell you that I am sitting here eating popcorn well I am writing a post about popcorn. but yes it is true!

Now I probably wouldn't have thought to write this post if I hadn't opened the door to this this morning..

I mean what could be better then waking up and finding popcorn at your door?? 

I was pretty sure I knew who the person who did this was and after a few text I found out I was right.
Josh and Becca did it, yes folks I do have the best Brother and Sister ever! :) 

So that's my post on popcorn, now go pop yourself some you know you want to :) !!

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  1. Awwwwww. Hahaha. You guys are the cutest!

    If only we could send some Kettle Corn your way. :P