Jen + Horse + Sunset =

This is my Oldest Sister Jennifer. She is amazing. Beautiful. Sweet.

We have been wanting to do a photo-shoot of her and her horse @ sunset for a long time now, and finally the other day my sis-in-law and I headed out to my family's farm for the day and at sunset grabbed Jen and Her horse and got snap happy :)

I was not disappointed, Jen is so beautiful and Natural in front of the camera and we all had a BLAST (right girls? :) Even though the sunset hid behind the clouds most of the time, it was beautiful!

I am only posting a few on here, but if you want to see more (which I am sure you do :) ) you can check out the rest (there are only around 77 more...) on my photography blog Phraze Photography.

I have so much fun shooting with Joanna, she is an amazing photographer and sis :) We manged to only bump into eachother a few times well shooting, thankfully no one was injured hehe :) 

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  1. Yes, a BLAST it was!!!! You and Joanna are quite a team! You did an AMAZING job!!!!
    Love you!