Church Camping Trip

 Last week-end was our church camping trip, 
not everybody was able to make it but we had a good crowd! Defiantly a highlight of the year, I love getting together with our church family such great folks to hang out with.

We arrived Friday evening and stayed till Sunday afternoon.
 Our tent all set up.

Happy Camper ;)

The girls chatting.

Tony and Natalie out for a ride..

Mr. Hudson (Elijah) 


Unlike last time there was no big water fight, 
but there was still a few trouble makers to be found.. 

Bike races around the bay.

Saturday morning a bunch of us went to the spirit sands for a hike, 
it was a perfect morning for it too! 

Sand in the shoes..for those of them who were wearing shoes, 
most of us gave up on shoes and went bare foot :) 

This is the only snake we found..thankfully! :) 

Most of us that were there..missing a few people.

After 3hrs and 5.34miles we all made it back safe and sound.

 Visiting around campfire.

Jenn and Zyler

That afternoon we went to the beach those who were brave enough went into the water, it wasn't a very warm day so most of us stayed on the beach.

 Jaden and his Ducky :)


 Uh oh, somebody is in trouble..

 Sunday Morning Dave Gunther was kind enough to make pancakes 
for everybody again this year.

Waiting for the pancakes :)

After breakfast we had church! 

I am so thankful for such an amazing church family.

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