17 Weeks | Baby Update

 17 weeks
hello baby,
It seems hard to believe we are at 17 weeks already, I will probably say that each time another week goes by.
 Approx only 161 days till we meet you!
Time seems to be flying by and yet at the same time isn't going quite fast enough, the day we get to meet you could never come soon enough!

Nothing has really changed in the last few weeks, except of course you are growing, growing, growing! :)
You are now about 5 inches long now!
 I still have a hard time believing that you are growing inside me, what an amazing miracle you are!

Your Daddy and I feel extremely blessed that God would intrust us with such an amazing gift, you.

 I often find myself wondering what life will be like when you make your arrival, what kind of mommy I will be, what kind of personality you will have, If you will be a boy or girl :)...time will tell.
For now I will enjoy the season we are in now.

I love you
Love, mommy


  1. Wow! How did I miss this? Congratulations!
    You are almost half way already!