Shooting, Sandbox and Volleyball...

My aunt, uncle and 2 cousins are visiting from Vietnam for a few months.
We went to my parents to visit them well they were there, it was great to see them again!

Within a few seconds of arriving the guys had all gathered together with there guns and started shooting targets and clays :) oh and I am proud to say ( though I didn't see him) my dear husband killed a rock! Yes, I am very proud indeed! :) So if you ever have some rocks that are causing you trouble..you know who to call :) 

Well the guys were shooting the kids were a playin :) 

 Such a sweet big brother!


Cousin Elyana 

Little toes <3

The mama's visiting :) 

After supper we played some good ol' volleyball. I am so blessed with such a wonderful family! 

Jaden and Andy were our cheerleaders :)

Ah, life is good :)


  1. Lots like lots of fun was had by all!

  2. Wow - looks like our families enjoy some of the same activities! I can just imagine an evening like that - shooting + volleyball. :) Wonderfully captured.