Camping trip # 1

 It feels like summer has begun, maybe cause it has or maybe cause we have started doing summery stuff :) Last weekend we joined Josh and Becca for some camping. The forecast said it was gonna rain all week-end, but we prayed it away! :) The first day it looked like it was gonna rain all day but never did, then Saturday we had a beautiful sunny day which we spend down at the beach, and Sunday just as we pulled out to leave it started to rain! :) 

Camping is so much fun, eating outside, sleeping in a tent , Campfires, beach time. It is a great time to enjoy God's beauty! 

 Josh cooking some breakfast over the grill.

We had several little chipmunks who wanted to be our friend, 
the kids (and us big kids :)  had fun feeding them 

Josh and Becca brought there camper, so we were able to do some cooking in there as well.

Brenden was such an angle the whole time!!

Time to eat!!

We did some walking around the campground, it was a beautiful area! 

We ate some watermelon

Rosted hot dogs and eat S'mores 

It was a very beautiful beach we spent a few hrs there, the water was really cold but the guys were brave enough to take a swim in it! :) 


Our chipmunk friend.

Some more S'mores :)


Much fun was had by all! :)