Brendan Cole

Sunday coudn't come fast enough. I was super excited to meet this little guy for the fist time.
I would like you to meet my newest little nephew
Brendan Cole. Born one week ago today!

Okay I know I know HE IS ADORABLE!!

 We were at my family's celebrating Mother's Day and I snuck away (okay not really :) with this little guy for his first photo shoot with Auntie Megan :)
I am pretty sure he enjoyed  it!! :) 

Haha I love this one :)

I'm one proud auntie! I love this little man!

Arn't they such a sweet looking family?


  1. He's adorable and looks just like the family! Great pictures!

  2. What a cutie you have for a nephew! They are a great looking family(: I can't believe how big Kayla is! Great pictures Megan<3

    Love ya,