I am officially an instagramer...I know I am a little behind times, but better late then never right?! :) 

 1. Henry every so kindly tilling our garden 2. First photo shoot of newest nephew 3. Sunday school reunion 4. First wedding of this year 5. Me and my Man 6. Scrap booking favorite memories

1.blooming flowers yeah! 2. Adorable nephew 3. Sweet little girl, newborn shoot 4. Pastor T singing to Elijah 5. Henry, a banana and I :) 6. Yard work time!

Come on and follow me on my instagraming journey :)


Brendan Cole

Sunday coudn't come fast enough. I was super excited to meet this little guy for the fist time.
I would like you to meet my newest little nephew
Brendan Cole. Born one week ago today!

Okay I know I know HE IS ADORABLE!!

 We were at my family's celebrating Mother's Day and I snuck away (okay not really :) with this little guy for his first photo shoot with Auntie Megan :)
I am pretty sure he enjoyed  it!! :) 

Haha I love this one :)

I'm one proud auntie! I love this little man!

Arn't they such a sweet looking family?


First Foot ball game..

On Sunday we played our first football game of the year. It was so nice and can't wait for many more this year!


Is it spring yet?

I think it is safe to say that SPRING IS HERE!! At least it better be because I put all our winter stuff away (in faith :). After a long long long winter I am happy to wave it goodbye! I walked around the yard this morning  to find some signs of spring....

Snow, still some left but it's almost gone! 

Flip Flops...I guess this isn't really a sign of spring cause 
I tend to wear flip flops in winter sometimes .... :)

Grass!! Yes we can see the grass now EXCITEMENT!!

I was excited to see these poking through the dirt..
I have no idea what they are, since I am not a very good flower namer person :)

Trees are starting to bud!!

The weather is getting warmer, excited for next weeks weather!

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping YEAH for SPRING!!