Just Me and My Pineapple and Strawberry Milkshake....

I am sitting here cozy in my pj's sipping on a delicious pineapple and strawberry milk shake. Hubby is at drama practice, usually I go with him but today I said I would stay home cause I just got my braces tighten and my teeth hurt and I don't feel so well (oh the joys of braces! ).
 So well I am sitting here enjoying on my milk shake I thought I would do a little bloggy update of what has been happening around here :) 

Easter week-end was great! Great memories were made and lots of yummy food was eaten :)

Everybody around here is wondering if spring will ever come, but we keep reminding ourselves that it will come...someday, it will come.

Friday was a girls day in the city to celebrate our dear Mother (in-laws) birthday...

and also was very special cause we went with Linda to her babymoon ultrasound and saw our sweet little niece...it was so neat and amazing!!
Isn't she so cute? :) 

Like I said hubbys at drama practice. If you are in the area come check it out...this weekend.
Gonna be much fun!! 
We send out baskets to people of the community, and the funds raised go right back into the baskets! Soo, now, you are getting your dinner, a show, AND helping out your community with your purchase of tickets!! You don't want to miss it!

Well my milk shake is gone....so until next time :)

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  1. I hope that your mouth is feeling better today!
    I love it when you do random posts.
    The first picture is adorableness!!!
    (Those are the three things I wanted to say, but they don't flow together, so umm... ya. I'll just stop typing before I embarrass myself further :)
    Love you!