It's Easter Time!

Easter Gathering #1 down 3 more to go! :)
On Sunday we gathered at Henry's parents for some yummy food (oh boy was it good! :), Balderdash and Dutch Bliz, Visiting and we also did some coloring and not only on paper but also on faces :)
 I am thankful for the memories that were made and the wonderful people they were made with :)

Joanna made this AMAZING dessert!!

Coloring time!

 When coloring on paper get's to boring, do it on the face!! :)

Aw, Ain't she pretty?!?! :)

Warning: Cute Baby Bump ahead!! 
My dear sweet sis-in-law Linda is expecting! 
So excited to meet this sweet little girl in a few months! :)

Oh and I forgot to mention the CANDY...Lots of CANDY! :)

Keep Smiling :)
Until next time...

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  1. Looks like fun!! Can't wait to see you at our gatherings!!