Guess Who Is ONE??

 Seems like just yesterday, I was just newly married when hearing the news that I had a new baby brother!
March 8th Elijah Hudson was born.

It has been really weird for me not being there as he grows up and knowing that he will never remember me living with my family. And because of only seeing him about once a week his growing up went WAY to fast!! But, can't do anything to stop him..though I wish sometimes there was :) 

Henry and I were able to make it to his birthday party was I was very excited!
I love 1st birthday party's, especially when it is my adorable little brother's 1st birthday party! :) 


I love this picture, it looks like he is rolling up his sleeves and ready to dig in! :)

But Elijah, sweet dear Elijah poked at his cake and when he took a little taste...

This was his reaction! ;) He did NOT like his cake!! I guess that is what happen's when I leave, they train there kids to dislike cake!?!?! Yes, I think I need to steal him for a while and get this cake hating thing taken care of! :)

Yippy! I made it to ONE!


  1. So cute!!! Great job Megan. Thanks for capturing this for us :)

  2. Awww! How cute! Love the dog on the cake. :)