A blissful time! :)

For our anniversary celebration Henry and I headed to the city for 
a night.

We stayed at the Hotel Fort Gary.

I was super excited cause I really like cool old things 
and this hotel was full of that sort of thing!

A blurry picture in the elevator :)

Mini eggs!

Hehe, Love this! :)

 We walked around in the hotel taking pictures of things here and there...

My ever so Handsome man!

Applebees for lunch!

Okay, this is thee BEST dessert ever! It's called Chimicheesecake....if you haven't had it YOU SHOULD cause it is SOOOO GOOOD!!! :) 

On our way  home we stopped at the Legislative building to take some pictures.

So in love with this guy! 

Sometimes the self timer pictures don't always work...like this one I set the timer and then ran to sit down, but I missed the step...kinda well lets just say I sat down on the EDGE of the step very hard and well...IT HURT! :) Oh and in the midst of doing that I also elbowed Henry!! Yes, Self timer pictures can be dangerous! :) 

And also sometimes the timer goes too quickly! :) 

It was a super fun time together!


  1. One word.....FLIP FLOPS??????? ok :) that was two :)
    Looks like you had a great time :)
    Love Ya!
    <3Ker Ker

    1. I was trying to convince summer to come by wearing them...but a guess it didn't work :(

  2. Looks like you had FUN!! I LOVE both black and whites!!
    Fort Gary hotel and the Legislative building looks amazing on you two! :)
    Love you!

  3. Happy Anniversary! That went way too fast.

  4. Megan! you guys are so cute :)

  5. Megan~ These are just precious..and I finally got to go back and look at your wedding pics. {Beautiful} I have been watching your family and each of you grow thru the years. Your family is a blessing! ~Mrs. Carrie

  6. Sounds like a lovely time! Love the hotel you stayed at.

  7. Glad you had a great time!