Sunday Afternoon

 Sunday afternoons are great aren't they?! :)
Weather it's taking a nap, visiting with friends, or watching a hockey game.
We usually don't plan our Sunday afternoons, they usually just plan themselves. I like it that way :) 
This Sunday we decided to go to hockey game.
We went to a alumni game in Winkler, most of the guys were just playing for fun so there wasn't much competition.  It was pretty funny to watch! :)

I had my Amazing Husband..

My Yellow Shoes...

And a French Vanilla Cappuccino. So I was happy! :)


My Family joined us for the game! :) 




Caleb with the end of the first period snack...Smarties, what could be better?? :)

The teams. 

After that we went to my Grandma's for some Faspa (thanks Grama! :) 
What do you do on Sunday Afternoons?  

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