Stephen & Raechelle <3

 On Saturday right after I got my new camera we headed to our friends wedding.
I was super excited not only cause I love weddings but this would mean I would be able to try out my brand new camera :)  

It was pretty strange for me being a guest cause only one other time have I just been the guest at a wedding, not saying that I don't like it. Just saying that I LOVE my job and being a wedding photographer! 
And it was pretty hard just sitting still in my seat....I wanted to be running around taking pictures! 
But I survived. I think. Ya, I did survive. :)

But I will stop rambling and let you look at a few shots I got :)

Rebecca beautiful bridesmaid #1

and Rita beautiful bridesmaid #2 :)

What can I say but ADORABLE! :) 
Andy pulled Makayla all the way down the isle it was so cute! :) 

 The BEAUTIFUL bride and her daddy, such a sweet moment!

I loved her dress!


 And the two shall become one....

 And they are MARRIED! :)

Awe, look at that, aren't they just the cutest?? :) I love my sisters! 

And they love me back!

I tried to get a picture of these two together...

But I failed :)

Such a handsome little guy! 

Twas a beautiful wedding!

Congratulations Stephen & Raechelle!!


  1. These are beautiful! It sounds like a wonderful wedding. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing these great pics! I LOVE her dress! Beautiful!

  3. Squeee! Lovely dress and flowers and photographs and R :)