On My Card...

 I had to chuckle to myself as I went through my pictures on my memory card today.
 I have been working on figuring out all my settings ect. on my camera so I find myself through out the day picking up my camera and taking pictures of random things which makes for a lot of pictures of random things! (I like to state the obvious in life! :)

 1. My handsome man puzzling/ 2. After church visiting/ 3. Faith, a cute wall hanging from a dear friend/ 4.Getting ready for church/ 5. Crazy people/ 6. cute kids/ 7. five fingers :)/ 8. Reading/ 9. Hairy man/ 10. Bald man :)/ 11. Beautiful sister.

1. Birthdays/ 2. Happy Friend/ 3. Sweet little girl/ 4. Adorable brother/ 5. Adorable brother #two/ 6. Computer screen! :)/ 7. Curly Haired sister/ 8.Sweet niece/ 9. Crazy brother/ 10. Gift from a sweet friend/

1. It's ME again :)/ 2. Upside down person/ 3. okay last one of me promise! :)/ 4. Hamburgers for supper/ 5. I drawed that for Henry :)/ 6. Random snow drift at random persons house./ 7. Psalms 28:7/ 8. My picture wall/ 9. Hamburgers ready to bbq/ 10. Clean dishes/ 11. Dirty dishes/

Life is good :)


  1. Hee hee I love the ones of my dear FRIEND! Cute wall hanger thing! I love you Megan and all your randomness(:


  2. Love all the photos! The hamburgers look delicious!

  3. Love your hair in #3. :) So many great memories!