Saturday we got a text from our friends wondering if we wanted to go sledding. We checked the temperature outside, -29C (-20F) windchill eh we are Canadians we can handle it! :) So we bundled up and headed out. We couldn't decide if it was worth the climb all the way up for a few mins of joy for the ride down! :) But it was fun anyways :)
Yeah for cell phone photo's !! :)


After our toes and face were frozen we went to DQ for ice cream....So that way out the outside and inside of our bodies where equally cold! :) 

Fun times!!


  1. Wow, lots of FUN! wish I could have been there, ya'll are really crazy ice cream!?! Love you Megan(:


  2. Wow seems like so much fun ! I wish we had enough snow to do this. But where I live (near Paris, france) we had a bit of snow last weekend (probably 4 or 5 inches) and everything has melted since !
    Have a blessed day
    Marie, a french reader