Christmas 2012

Christmas was a success this year! :) Not that it isn't any other year, I just didn't know how to start  my post so I thought I would try that :) 

On the 23rd after church we went to Henry's parents to celebrate with his family. 

We ate a delicious lunch and topped it off with Christmas goodies and Lynda's famous fruit pizza!

 We picked names this year, so after lunch we all gathered around and opened the gifts.

Soon after the presents were open we all headed back to church to watch the kids Christmas program, it was so sweet :) 

On the 24th after we did a bit of Christmas caroling with church friends, we headed to my family's for fondue!!

That night we watched "A hobo's Christmas" we used to watch that at christmas when we were kids, so we decided to pull it out again! :)

We stayed overnight and enjoyed a yummy breakfast in the morning followed by a game of risk.  

Well these lovely ladys prepared Lunch

So much yummyness!

And this is the last picture I took of the day! 
Guess I was having to much fun to take more pictures :)

After lunch we played a bit of hockey till we froze (it was COLD!) and then watch the Nativity Story, had some supper then Henry and I headed home. 
Yes, it was a good Christmas! 


  1. Looks like you guys had a fun first christmas! isn't being married great?!?

  2. Great shots Megan, I love the faces of the Children opening their gifts! Nothing is so sweet as to see a childs happy/excited face(: Looks like ya'll had a wonderful time with both families!
    I love you girl<3