Our Story

How can this be? You know that feeling when it is so hard to believe it's been that long but yet it seems like it's been a forever thing? Well that's how I feel right now. 1 year ago Henry and I started courting. So that being said I thought we would share our story, because we have the best story ever! :) It's really long, but I say it's worth reading :)

  The story of how I met my wife.
My story starts many years back, In 2008 while attending a church service in which a visiting evangelist prophesied over me. I had been praying that God would send me a bride, and this wasn't a one time prayer it was my every night prayer. Then on that Sunday morning the evangelist walked up to me, not knowing anything about me laid his hand on my head and prophesied that God had heard my prayer and that he was preparing a bride for me and that she would be worth the wait. After that Sunday my faith was awesome, every time I met a girl my age I thought this had to be it. Now I didn't ever get a date or even find someone worth pursuing for years, and as the years went on my faith diminished, but I always kept it in the back of my mind that she would be worth the wait. Years later and still praying for God to send her my way I became impatient and start the search on my own thinking that what God wanted me to do . So I started a bunch of profiles on on-line dating sites thinking that that's the avenue God was going to use...I was so wrong.

Growing up my parents taught me to guard my heart for the "one" the Lord had prepared for me. Some day's I wondered how this was going to work, I admit I had a hard time trusting that God had this situation under control and he didn't need my help!

Fast forward a few years to 2011 after coming out of a relationship that I pursued on my own I told myself that I wold stop focusing on finding someone and just live my life, the next thing I did was buy a nice little fixer upper house that I could slowly renovate on my own. 
 A few months before buying the house a new family started coming to church, a large family from the country that had a couple pretty girls in it. But I put it out of my mind telling myself I was too old for them. I did take notice of one girl with the curls (I really like curly hair) and she has dimples when she smiled. But I put it out of my mind and tried to just be friendly. Well months went by and I started having feelings for her that I wasn't sure what to do about.

May 15 2011 my family started attending a new church. Little did I know that in less then a year I would be married to the handsomest man there! :)
As I said the first time we meet was May 15th we got to know each other though church events ect. I found myself often watching Henry but tried not to like him...which was rather difficult :)
After all he was 11 years older then me and I was only 17 at the time.
On my 18th birthday (Oct. 2) Mom, Dad, Kerri and I went with a bunch of people from our church to watch Courageous in theaters and one of those peoples was Henry and believe it or not we just happened to be sitting beside each other during the movie! I found myself liking him more and more as the months went on.

One afternoon I  went out for lunch with Pastor Tony and his wife Joanna (which is my sister) and Eric and Tanya (friends), this was when I decided to bring up the issue I was dealing with, I asked them all what I should do, I knew that Megan's Family believed in courting... What if I asked and he said no? would they stop coming to church? would things be awkward? anyway they told me I should just pray that God would give me a sign. While we were still at the restaurant Cheryl (my sister in law) called me and asked if I wanted to come over and play games, I said sure I'll be right over. When I pulled up to there place I was surprised to see that the Pauls' family was there too! I thought to myself oh great Cheryl is trying to play the match maker (and I am so glad she did! :) I went inside, kept my distance then there was talk of playing Dutch Blitz and on my way to the kitchen Megan looked at me and said my name I was almost stunned by it! She wanted me to be her partner for the game and it was the best game ever! :) But I was terrible and we lost, sorry Megan :)
It was the sign I was looking for when she spoke my name, my heart jumped if only she knew my prayers that day. anyway at the end of the evening the Pauls' had left and John and Cheryl started to question me, which one do yo like? which one is the cuties? and on and on. All I remember saying is I defiantly like Megan! So I knew I had to do something but what? and how?

 December 4th my family and I were over at Henry's brothers family's place for the afternoon, little did I know there was some people trying to get us together. So believe it or not well we were there you will never guess who showed up! Yep, The handsome Hank himself.
I found my heart would beat a little faster each time I would see him (and it still does :) So anyway he was there we were there and then we decided to play dutch bliz we were playing teams and I needed a team member so since Henry didn't have a partner yet me and my shy little self said "Henry do you want to be my play on my team?" I was so happy when he said Yes! :)
That night we went home and I remember my family and I were watching Walton and I couldn't not get Henry off my mind. I was bagging God to help me because at that time I still did not know if he was the one... I didn't even know if he liked me  ( but boy was I hoping he did! ) That entire week prayed and I asked God to show me if he was the one by Christmas.
Christmas 2011

 The next time I saw her was at the Christmas banquet at the church and she kept looking at me, and I couldn't help and stare a bit too :) I made sure to position myself next to her in the ugly sweater contest line up (which she only one because of the large size of her family that was voting for her ) Just kidding :) After that evening I would spend late nights at my house working on renovating the bathroom so I could move in and I would always have music playing and in the CD player was Royal Tailor's new CD I had got maybe a month prior but hadn't listened to alot of it. I was sanding drywall and talking to myself and asking myself questions of how I was going to ask Megan's dad if I could court his daughter. At that moment the last track on the CD started playing. These are the lyrics.
Henry, you've been waiting and now this day has arrived
Why did it take the rock bottom to make you realize
What you've been missing is something that's very valuable
A timeless gift that will ease your mind and rapture your soul
Look with your heart, not your eyes, you'll see the miracle
That hope is here and it's making itself available
This is your chance
If you miss it then you may miss it all
It's critical 
Now I know this song was not written for me but when I heard those words I just broke down and knew God was talking to me. That night I told myself I was going to text Her dad and ask whet he thought about it. I got his number from someone in church then I just looked at his number for about 2 days.

The next Sunday (dec 11th) our church had a Christmas banquet, we had a ugly sweater contest (which I won WHOOP WHOOP!! :) Henry's sweater said on it "don't open till Christmas" and I am pretty sure my heart almost jumped out of my chest. I still didn't know if Henry liked me. When it was time to eat we all sat down and when I looked up Henry was sitting on the table across from our table, right where I could just sit there and stare at him. Looking back at that night I just have to smile. Never in a million years did I think that that week he would be asking My Dad permission to court me.

I think it was a Tuesday that I sent Mark Pauls the first text asking how the ice rink was and I said we should have a church game sometime and then I sent him this text well on 10am coffee break at work "I don't know if this is a surprise to you but I like your daughter" after I hit send I freaked out and texted Pastor Tony asking him if I screwed up. I was in panic mode, also Mark wasn't texting me back and I had to go back to work. The time from 10am-12pm my mind was snowballing every bad senerio I could think of! What was taking him so long to respond to my text?? Then it came, he said "No surprise do you mind me asking which daughter?"  This was what I thought was my biggest obstacle I was going to tell him I liked the second oldest which I thought would be a huge shock so I set it  I said "Megan" He respond "okay" then silence....I went into freak out mode I talked to tony about it. I couldn't go back. He texted me that we had to go over somethings together and they invited me to the farm.

Then the text came, Henry texted dad On Dec 13th I knew it was Henry texting dad but I didn't know what it was about. I was pretty sure it had to do with courting but I didn't want to get my hopes up. The next day Jen, Mom, Dad, and I went to winker..I knew something was up, cause mom and dad kept on whispering stuff and making sure we didn't know what they were talking about.
We went to smittys for supper and right before we got our food Dad handed me his phone and let me read the conversation He and Henry had had.
I am pretty sure my heart almost jumped out of my chest when I read them...I couldn't believe it! He actually liked me! He wanted to court ME! AHHHH :)
I am pretty sure I was the happiest girl on this planet at that moment, it is a moment I will never forget!

I remember arriving at the farm, I turned the ignition off on my car, I walked up to the door an invisible force swang it open (Mikaya :) and there waiting to greet me was the most beautiful girl in the world they sat me down and we went over what the believed courtship to be and I agreed because I had tried dating and I know that is a difficult way to met your soul mate, courtship is more guarded and gives you time to get to know on another  not focus on physical feelings and desires. That day Megan's family shared some picture and video of Megan and when I saw the video Megan had made on how to be a good photographer in her alter ego Peggy Sears. That's the moment I know that she was the girl for me :) And the rest is history.....

Our first picture together :)
December 17th Henry came over for the first time, and we saw each other for the first time since he got dad's permission to court me. I still remember that moment when he walked in the door like it was yesterday. That day we talked about what our courtship should look like...:)
And thus the courting began.
We both knew that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with eachother. So we figured WHY WAIT??
One month Later On January 15th He ask me to marry him (for the 4 of 5th time, just this time he put a ring on my finger :)

 On March 3rd We became one. :)
and that's our story! :)
I am still in awe of how the Lord works all the details out! I thank him everyday for bringing us together and pray that our story will be a blessing to those whom read it.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your sweet story!!! Sometimes it is hard to wait and I often think, "How will I ever meet somebody? When will it happen? Is God really in control and does He really have a plan?" Stories like yours are such an encouragement to read and hear about because they remind me that God is in control and He does have a perfect plan. He knows how everything will work out and He does not need our help. Thank you again for sharing your story- it was such a blessing to read!! It is a beautiful story of how faithful our God really is!

    God bless you both.

    ~Libby McCord

  2. Your story is a blessing, Megan! Thank you so much for sharing it. It was posted just when I needed it the most! :)

  3. So what SHOULD courtship look like? :)

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  5. Wow that "first" picture of ya'll brings back such great memories! I'll never forget how I felt when you first told us you were courting Henry! (I knew he had to be the most blessed guy out there) Your story is so unique, and you can NOT mistake that God was incontroll of everything!

    I love you Megan,

  6. I never commented on this story, even though I read it a while ago. Weird. Anyway, I love that it's told as an exchange. That's such a beautiful way to tell it, each perspective making it more full. Oh and, yeah, it's sour-cherry-blasters-adorable. Haha. XD Thanks for sharing it with random people you grew up with, like me. =P