Sisterly fun!

On Saturday I went with Henry's sisters to the city to have some good ol' sisterly fun! :) We were sad that our other 2 sister's in law couldn't make it. Next time! :)

So what did these 3 sisters do for fun? Well we went and toured a Victorian style house where we made some Christmas crackers and Joanna got her little pickle :), we ate at olive garden and then got some cupcakes at Cake-ology for dessert (Mmm Yummy! :) and then we shopped till we dropped (what girl don't like a little bit of shopping? :) Good memories were made!!

Joanna and Lynda

The house..oh lala :)

Lynda and I

Walking in a winter wonder land! :)

Lynda and Joanna with their crackers they made.

Joanna and her pickle :)

Red velvet with cream cheese icing cup cake! :)


  1. How fun! All the snow makes me wish we had some here. Oh, and that cupcake looks SO delicious!

  2. So you totally made my mouth water with that cupcake! I have been craving cupcakes for a little over 3 weeks! I am glad you had a good time it looked like a beautiful house! Missing you like words can't express.

    Love you Megan,