Tuesday Randomness

 Over the week-end we got a dump of snow...
well first everything got covered in ice...

Then we got snow :)

Saturday we had a Froese gathering..

Henry's brother John turned 32, we are so proud of him!! :)
Actually today is his birthday..Happy birthday John! :)

We all played some reverse charades, 
it was quite alot of fun capturing the acting :)  

I've been wanting to get pic's of these berrys for awhile, finally yesterday I went out and did it! :) 

Our church got hoddies made.
Actually Henry designed them, and he did a pretty fantastic job!

And here is a picture...just to make your mouth water :)

Happy Tuesday :)

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  1. I love Randomness! The hoodies are awsome, Great job Henry(: The games look like fun we should play some time!

    Love you Megan,