Mikayla & Andy's Birthday Party

 Nephews and Nieces are such a blessing.
Yesterday we gathered at Rebecca's family's to celebrate Mikalya 1st and Andrew's 3rd birthday.

 Rebecca did an amazing job on the cakes

Andy got to blow out his candles first.

Well at least he tried...

 And tried...
 and tried...

Finally Jaden came to the rescue!

Oh, the excitement! :)

Next was Miss Kayla..

She figured maybe if she was cute enough the candle would blow out itself. 

But once again Jaden came to the rescue!

First birthdays are my favorite..
 Mikayla was very excited about her cake!

More please!!! :)


Next was the gift opening..

She wasn't quite sure what to do.

but with a little help from grama she started to get the hang of it!

Andy playing with his new tractors with his grandpa's

I thank God for the lives of these two precious children. And I am so thankful to be called there auntie :)


  1. Wow!!! Those are really, really great pictures Megan!!! Not that I'm surprised it's just that they are that good! :) Thank you so, so much for taking the time to capture these memories, your'e a sweet auntie!!!

  2. I agree amazing Job Becca! I love the pictures I can't believe She is 1 and Andy is 3 already! Love you Megan,