Lance & Peggy Sears

Before Henry and I were married we both made a video, He as Lance and I as Peggy Sears. The other day these to characters came together and made a video TOGETHER!!! :)
Yes, I must admit we are both a little umm...weird! :)
Don't worry this isn't  how we act in real life ;)


Banana Boats....

 Mikaya and Josiah have been staying with us for a few days. 
This afternoon we decided to make banana boats and I decided to take pictures of the whole thing and blog it (cause that's just what i do! :) 

So without further a doo (haha not how you spell that I know :)

The banana boat making adventure

These people :)

The fist step to banana boats is...You guessed it, Banana's!

They always taste better if you smile with them, banana's seem to like that :)

Next get some Chocolate chips and Marshmallows.. 
And cut our banana down the middle without cutting through the bottom

Then stuff your banana with chocolate chips...

 and place marshmallows on top.

Then smile again

Now they are ready to be put on a pan and stick em in the oven.

Sing the Have Patience song while you are waiting..

And when the are golden brown take them out and...

The End :)


Week-end Memories

"The best thing about memories is making them"

My parents are gone on a trip to Tennessee, so Henry and I decided we would go to my family's over the week-end. We had a lot of fun! 
 Lots of memories were made.
I am so thankful for all my sibblings :)
(you can read more about our day HERE and HERE well day's i guess since we were there for 2 days :) )


Tuesday Randomness

 Over the week-end we got a dump of snow...
well first everything got covered in ice...

Then we got snow :)

Saturday we had a Froese gathering..

Henry's brother John turned 32, we are so proud of him!! :)
Actually today is his birthday..Happy birthday John! :)

We all played some reverse charades, 
it was quite alot of fun capturing the acting :)  

I've been wanting to get pic's of these berrys for awhile, finally yesterday I went out and did it! :) 

Our church got hoddies made.
Actually Henry designed them, and he did a pretty fantastic job!

And here is a picture...just to make your mouth water :)

Happy Tuesday :)