Thanks and Life Update

Thanks for all the congrats. We feel extremely blessed and grateful to the Lord for blessing us with a child(that will Lord willing arrive late march) . I think we are still both getting used to the idea that we are actually going to be parents!! It seems kinda hard to believe! :)
I've been feeling really good and I am very grateful for that! 

 This summer has been really busy, but a good busy :)
 I planted a garden, but it didn't do to swell. I think next year I will fertilize it and hopefully it will do better then. 

I went to my family's one day and they were very kind to let me have some of there cuc's so I could make some pickles for us.

Last week-end here was the Winkler Harvest festival. Our church has been doing a Taco-in-a-bag fundraiser booth for a few years and this is the first time I got to help out. It was fun :)

This week-end we are having a guest speaker at our church. If your in the area you should come on down it's going to be an awesome time.

As for photography I have 3 more weddings this year and then some family pics ect.
(my sis ker graduated this year and I still haven't taken her grad pics....and I really need to :)

Here is a sneek peek of two photo shoots (both named Elijah :) I hope to have the full posts up soon.

Life married to my man has been absolutely grand! I love him so much!!! :)

And that dear friends is my attempt at life update :) I'm not very good at the wordy part of blogging, I do better with the pictures part :)

Oh and Fyi we still do not have internet. and won't for a few more weeks so blogging might not be very frequent.

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