Camping Trip #2

 We went on another camping trip last week-end. This time we went with our church.

We came a day earlier (as did a few other family's).
 My family was nice enough to let Henry and I stay with them in there camper and eat with them :)

Preparing for the water fight that was suppose to happen on Saturday

But somehow started on Friday.... :)



Saturday they worked on there water balloon launcher thingy so that they would be all ready when the rest of the church arrived ..

After that we went down to the beach to spend the afternoon there.

Then we headed back to the campsite and waited for the rest of the gang to arrive and when they did we greeted them with some nice cold water :) and thus our second water fight began...

After everybody dried off and had supper we played some good ol' volleyball.

This gal made it look easy :)

And to end off Saturday we had some YUMMY birthday cake!

Sunday started off with pancakes.
Thanks to Dave G. for every so kindly feeding us all! :)


After the delicious pancakes we gathered around the campfire and had church.

Then we packed up our stuff and headed to the beach for the second time. 

And then Henry and I snuck off an got some ice cream...shh :) 
 It was a really fun week-end and it was great to spend time with such cool people :)

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