Learning from the best

I love this picture so much. 
It warms every inch of my heart knowing that Silas is looking up to his dad, that he is watching and learning from the best. I love that Henry takes time and teaches him. I love that I get to watch moments like these everyday.



 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
This morning we woke up to a nice little blanket of snow on the ground. Looking at the forecast this won't last long so I took Silas out in it while it lasts.

He wasn't very impressed by it at first...

It is pretty while it lasts :) 


Silas Fall 2015

Before winter hits I wanted to take Silas out for a quick photo shoot.
It is getting pretty hard to get him to smile for the camera...I think maybe he is used to it for some reason!?! :) After trying just about everything to get him to smile I finally decided to pretend to eat grass and be disgusted by it...and that worked...so I continued to make a fool of my self while him laughed at me, but hey I got the smiles :)

Silas is such a joy, he is an extreme kid, either extremely happy or extremely sad. 

He is starting to talk a lot more now, I have fun getting him to repeat stuff I say :)

He is growing  up....fast. 
I am so thankful I am able to freeze some of these moments and see them forever. 

You can see him jumping in this photo...he does this alot :)


Family Photo's 2015

Getting our family photo's taken is one of my most favorite times of the year. I love being able to capture these memories with my family to hold forever.

And once again Joanna (Henry's sister) agreed to capture these moments for us and did an amazing job! I love each and every photo she gave us :)