Trip to the Zoo

I hope you all enjoyed the May long weekend! I know we did... :)
We decided to take our boys to the zoo for the first time, Lincoln slept pretty much the whole time but Silas enjoyed it :) Most of the animals were not very active when we went, except for the polor bears...we enjoyed them :)

Cutest little seal I ever did see! :)

 Silas wasn't to excited about the dinosaur's :) 


Evenings like these

 Evenings like these are my favorite, just hanging outside with the fam no matter what we are doing.
I look forward to many warm evenings to come this summer! 

Tonight Silas had his first water fight with daddy :)

I loves him :)




“Motherhood is not a hobby, it is a calling. It is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in, it is what God gave you time for.” —Rachel JanKovic


It's a Berry Mom!

 One of Silas's very favorite things is pens (or crayons...or anything that writes :) and it has been that way since he was very little. I remember one time we were somewhere and he had a meltdown because he saw someone with a pen and wasn't able to have it. It doesn't take much to please him :) 

It is so cute now when he is "drawing" he tells me what it is, like yesterday he told me what he was drawing was a berry and of course I acted over excited about how amazing his blob of a berry looked! :) 

His drawing time was interrupted by his little brother crying, 
so he had to go check to see if he was ok :)