Less then a week!

I am currently blogging from my phone, sitting on my bed putting Lincoln to sleep...actually he is sleeping but I'm waiting till he is in a deep enough sleep to put him down...you know like when the soother comes out deep sleep :) 

Today we spent the day in the city getting a few things for our new house, less then a week till we move in!!!! The owners have been kind enough to let us in a little early to move a few things in the garage and also we are hoping to get Silas room painted and decorated before we move in, so hopefully it makes the transition easier on him. 
Weird emotions going through me as we get ready to leave out current home, leaving our first home, the home started our together in, the home we brought both our newborn boys to, the home where so many memories have been made. It is weird to think that both our boys will never remember living here! I'm sad and super excited at the same time...I can't wait to make memories in the new home, to make it out own.

Well those are my random thoughts for tonight. I am now going to attempt to put Lincoln down for the night....but first I will leave you with a few photos from today :)


Lincoln 3 Months

How old:
3 months

14lbs 4oz

New Discovery:
He has started grabbing toys and anything that is near him. 
He has started giggling! 

What he loves:
Humans! :) He loves when people talk to him!
Outdoors. He can be screaming mad and if you bring him to a window or outside he often will stop immediately! 

Night Sleep:
He had a week were he was getting up every 2-3 hrs but for most of the month been only getting up once a night! Ya'll I can't tell you how amazing and what a blessing that is! :)

Nick Names:
Link, Linky, Stinky Linky, baby winken (a spin off of what silas calls him :) 

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to wait till his grumpy time to take his pictures...so he only lasted a few mins and then he didn't let me put him down anymore :)


Baby Giggles

I don't know what melts my heart more then baby giggles. Lincoln has giggled a little bit before but today seemed to be the day to go all out with his giggles...and yes, me heart got melted....seems to happen alot with this little dude :)


No Words

I have no words.
Just photos of most adorable brothers 😀


Monday Morning

After the weekend, the house usually needs a little bit of help.
I try to get the house tidied up first thing Monday morning and then try to maintain it throughout the week and then on most weekends just let it get messy :) Lately though its been more messy then clean....but I try non the less, even if it gets messy 5 mins after I clean. That's life  ya'll :) :)

I set up the camera this morning so you could watch me clean...
I know don't pee your pants, it's that exciting!!! :) :)


Father's Day 2016

My boys are very blessed yo have Henry to call Daddy.
I know they both love him to bits!, he is the best daddy!
I love watching Henry with the boys, the way he teaches them and loves them.
Today we celebrate him, along with many other father's. 
Because he is AMAZING :)